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Our Celebrity Clientele

We still can’t quite believe we have celebrities ordering from our small business. It’s a dream come true and we are super proud! Here is a small selection of our celebrity platform! Pop over to our Instagram to see more… Eeeek!


Featured products

Wheelie Bin Decals

Eeek! These are so handy and also so much better looking too

Rex Nursery Bundle

Perfect for nursery 🙂

Animal Prints


Hoover Accessory Bag

Perfect For Hoover Parts

Tiger Pump Bottles

Soooo cute 

Tooth Fairy Bag

Too cute!

Personalised Hand Sanitizer Bottle

A perfect essential!

Personalised Tin

As seen by Stacey Solomon

Large Initial Drawstring bag

Fit for anything!

Personalised Face Mask Bag

Perfect for the current situation

Football Team Print

Perfect for father’s day

PU Hand Sanitizers

Soooo pretty!

♡ ITV This Morning ♡
Eamonn & Ruth